A new generation of digital writers is building on video games, incorporating their interactive features—and cognitive sparks—into novelistic narratives that embrace the capabilities of our screens and tablets | Nautilus

editorial illustration by Irene Rinaldi for Nautilus magazine on the article " The Deep Space of Digital Reading " by PAUL LA FARGE

Journey into the wild – English Muse

"Wildwood" is the story of a young girl living in Portland, Oregon, who finds herself in a magical world across the bridge from her hometown. The story was written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis.

Irene Servillo illustration

Irene Servillo's Cut Paper Collages Enhanced with the Power of a Pen

Gorgeous Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Júlia Sardà. Featured in Marie Claire Taiwan.

Recently featured in Marie Claire Taiwan , we can't get enough of these gorgeous illustrations by Júlia Sardà . A unique styling of the old classic, Alice in Wonderland.

Stylish Figurative Illustrations by Alessandra Genualdo

Alessandra Genualdo's Stylish Figurative Illustrations