Photo of Bessie Emma Miller,  ca 1895 US (North Carolina - Lincoln or Cabarrus County)

Photo of Bessie Emma Miller sister-in-law of one of my great-uncles, ca 1895 US (North Carolina - Lincoln or Cabarrus County)

Mrs. Harris.  Harper, Alvan S., 1847-1911.  Florida Memory.

facesofthevictorianera: “c. State Archives of Florida ”

Kate Rockwell gained notoriety as Klondike Kate by dancing in vaudeville shows during the Klondike Gold Rush. Description from I searched for this on

Klondike Kate, dancer and vaudeville star during Alaskan Gold Rush

1906 Lady Helen Vincent autochrome by Lionel de Rothschild (Rothschild Archives)

Lady Helen Vincent 1906 in autochrome

Interesting to see how fashion also reflected things such a grief and loss. For example, this girl in 1897 wears puffy sleeves to show she is in mourning.

1896 Christmas photo of Caryl Fairchild who had lost her father six month prior so she is wearing mourning



1890s seamstress taking very detailed measurements

▫Duets▫groups of two in art and photos - Victorian Seamstress and client,

4 Prints Civil War Photos Girls in Lovely Dresses Hats | eBay

4 Prints Civil War Photos Girls in Lovely Dresses, Hats

Edwardian Fashion - 1904

Victorian Belle - Fashion at the Races - 1904

African American woman in the 1890s, posing with her faithful bulldog.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. African American woman in the

“Unidentified image with stylized Asian backdrop, via Vintage Everyday”

Womens Dresses from to About of the photo's from a disc I bought at a Civil War Re-enactment What a nice dress

Swooning, Albumen Cabinet Card, Early 1880's. 1st stipper pole pose

fripperiesandfobs: “Swooning, Albumen Cabinet Card, Early (by ”

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// Travel suit Jacques Doucet, 1895 The Victoria & Alber Museum

This would be around 1875 or later. Natural Form.

fripperiesandfobs: the-fisher-queen: I think this is… maybe This would be around 1875 or later.

Lottie Campbell, c.1888.    I would date this to the late 1880s because of the tail bodice, a style dating back to around 1883 but which remained popular until the 1890s. If you look at the back of the bodice, you can see it has tails that extend all the way down to the hem of the skirt.    Fingerless gloves.    Her hat looks like it has skyscrapers on it, which is probably not right but awesome.

Lottie Campbell, sister of Sylvester Perkins and Mary Ann James. This fashionable woman helps to illustrate the presence of Black pioneers in Utah, and the contribution of African Americans to the social fabric of the Territory and State.

1890s ~ Cycling was a movement embraced by women as a way to be independent

2 women in dark, stiff Victorian era dresses, on bikes