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Marty Mouse daddy

Meet Marty Mouse, which isn’t truly a mouse, just like Virginia Wolf isn’t truly a wolf. He is actually an adorable little dumbo pet rat. Marty Mouse was r



They spread when they sit like that. too cute!

Rat - cool image

Aww it's a fat rat! So kawaii XD

Rat - sweet image

9 Rat Photos Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day – Rats Make Me Happy


Three Rats in a Hammock

Gorgeous little rattie. I love it when they sleep like this.

Gorgeous little rattie.

Sleeves are nice when I can cuddle with mom....

These things love sleeves, or any fuzzy hiding place.

Steph's Condensed Brain Farts (many-splendored-rat: Great job, Space Pod! You...)

many-splendored-rat: “ Great job, Space Pod! You held eight rats. ” SO MANY NOSES



I know you're not supposed to have favourites but how can I not with that face

Marty Mouse

Besides the fact he’s so cute! Go ahead… share!

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What a beauty

What a beauty

Ratties added a new photo.