Just love this nail art.

Les vernis Monoprix se déclinent à la sauce ethnique !

Created with Monoprix polishes Beige Rosé, 15 Rouge Grenade, 20 Mauve, & 21 Indigo) + Konad's black liner for the design:

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Love is in the air with this sweetheart french manicure. This gradient of pale…

Classic & Trendy: French Manicure Ideas

I wear read polish most often, so I love this new take on red. The orange tips are a pretty compliment to the traditional red base.

38 #Metallic Nail Art Ideas for Girls Who like an Edge ...

A modern themed nail art inspired by silver and gold dust polishes arranged in V formation for a glam fall look

Peace in a Bottle: Dancing in September

We are really, really in love with these earthy tones & simple designs - xo Beautylove Aprons


of the amazing I've done her nails before but this time she re-created one of my original designs called "French Kisses" herself! I love her looks beautiful Jenn!

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写真ブログ〜なかめぐろのネイル 【Nail-Common】

Gold, yellow, red, and blue polish. Tip: Use a soft nude base color to camouflage uneven or stained nail beds.

These nail designs looked perfect when we were searching some new things. Because these simple nail art designs have step by step tutorials. These cute nail arts are perfect for our nail art design…

DIY Easy And Pleasing Nail Arts For 2016

Trendy nail art designs come and go, but these timeless manicures look good all year, every year. These are the easy DIY nail tutorials that you should keep on hand at all time.