Zebrasoma gemmatum/Gem Tang from Mauritius

The Gem Tang is one of the most highly sought after fish and commands a high price as expected. The fish has a limited range found almost exclusively

Under the sea - zoo's

"Inside of beautiful water" by Sonoe Nakao // Soft Coral, Zoanthus erythrochloros/ I love these colors

Welcome to Octlantis.

A Look Inside The Newly Discovered City Built By Octopuses

A blue caribbean tang swims over an artificial coral reef inside the Greater Cleveland Aquarium in Cleveland.

Tropical Fishes for Your Aquarium

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Now, this is a funny looking fish! Juvenile Brushtail Tang by Doug.Deep #tropicalfishtank #TropicalFishKeeping

Now, this is a funny looking fish! Juvenile Brushtail Tang by Doug.Deep #tropicalfishtank #TropicalFishKeeping

Jellyfish Painting :|: Artist - Joseph Jackino

Jellyfish Painting :|: Artist - Joseph Jackino

Rhizostoma pulmo - Cait saw one of these in the Bosphorus yesterday.

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the barrell jellyfish. (Photo credit: Rai Fernandez) apparently I like jellies

BUCKET LIST FISH!!!!!      Black Longnose Tang 1-2 in. (Zebrasoma rostratum)

Black Longnose Tang in.

sea angels

Sea Angels

The Sea Angels have blessed us with a visit. Clione or "sea angels" are small, gelatinous gastropods which have no shell and whose foot has evolved into a pair of delicate flapping wings. via ferrebeekeeper. Photo by Reuters/Kimimasa Mayama

Awesome fish tank! Whatever floats your boat. #mannequin

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