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Best PG Action Movies

The Best PG Action Movies

First, these are great actors who play great roles, often at the behest of Mr. Moffat. I'm not sure why, but the Brits seem to have a different standard of beauty. They, or at least their casting directors, give us wonderfully imperfect and fascinating specimens.

Made in Britain: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman , David Tennant, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Hugh Laurie

The Best Movies for Tweens

The Best Movies for Tweens

Raising a tweenager can be a handful. it is a very awkward age all around and can be hard to find good, family friendly entertainment for.

from "the notebook," the house noah built for allie. Who does that? he loved her so much that he put her dreams into reality.

The Notebook: Noah's House with the Blue Shutters

49 Reasons Why "The Notebook" Is The Most Frustrating Movie Ever Created. SO FUNNY This is the best! One because I love Ryan and two because I hate the notebook!

Funny Modern Family - My favorite moment! You wake up in a frat house with a bad reputation xD

haha I always thought about that too!yeah destruction of the whole temple for 1 artifact.humph!!is this what really happens hahahahahaha!

world's best archeologist destroys every ancient temple he enters Indiana Jones Movie with Harrison Ford , he hates snakes, So very very true hahaha

Sad. This love story repeated itself in real life for Ryan and Farrah........

Movie Review: Love Story 1970

Films with fashion influence - 1970 Love Story poster. I remember my shirt which was a gift from my brother with the same print which was so envied by many high school mates everytime I wore it.

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones' Personality

Indiana Jones fact-- I love these movies and Harrison Ford. That's funny to know now that it wasn't scripted

The Best Years for Summer Movies

The Best Years for Summer Movies

List of the best "summer seasons" for new mainstream films. The notion of the "summer blockbuster" movie season started in June of when St.

Sheldon Pokemon card. Although I feel that Sheldon would be more of a Magick fan than Pokemon...

Although I feel that Sheldon would be more of a Magick fan than Pokemon.<---- we already know that he likes yu gi oh because they play it on game day

Carey Elwes as Wesley (The Princess Bride)- I know he's old now, but back then... mmm...

The Princess Bride introduced me to Carey Elwes, one of my only movie crushes


LOTR/Star Trek mashup featuring Karl Urban -- well, that got a laugh!