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Someone get her a Happy Meal! Or some KKaties!

cheeseburger and french fries. I feel this way at least once a month

Pablo Picasso, “Le Chat”

Pablo Picasso’s drawings inside a copy of an animal book he illustrated for someone (i forget who, it was a show up at the yale art gallery a few years back).

Victo Ngai (21) - Illustrations by Victo Ngai  <3 <3

Illustrations by Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai I remember when I saw this as an illustration for a New Yorker short story and I liked it a lot

"기억의 방법," or "A way to Remember" by LEE JIN JU (2010). Islands of memory, landscapes littered with pieces from the past, or dreams, or both. Interview with the artist (scroll down for English): http://www.artistjinju.com/Interview #art #artist #korea

Winter Surreal Life: Lee Jin Ju, A way to remember, 기억의 방법 (detail)


Les illustrations animées de Maori Sakai

Take a look at the Maori Sakai illustrations, they are so romantic and dreamy.

zombienormal:  Illustrated by Adolf Hôfer, Jugend magazine, 1897. Via.

Jugend, 1897 Munich illustrated weekly journal of art and lifeG. Hirth’s publishing house in Munich and Leipzig Illustration by Adolf Höfer