100 custom LEGO minifigs - The Beatles. (you should go have a look.  Some amazing things: Dr Who, Supernatural, Ghostbusters, lots of Star Wars, just to name a few...!)

100 custom LEGO minifigs - The Beatles. Some amazing things: Dr Who, Supernatural, Ghostbusters, lots of Star Wars, just to name a few.

Des groupes cultes en Lego. | NOVAPLANET

Adly Syairi Ramly has brilliantly recreated a selection of iconic bands in LEGO. The images were taken and edited on an iPhone 5 and include the likes of The Smiths, Napalm Death, Beastie Boys, The Beatles, Joy Division and Radiohead.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross Lego: Happy Little Trees I sure do miss the positivity he would share with everyone through his craft.

America’s most beloved mustachioed newscaster has been immortalized in the form of everyone’s favorite toy. The limited edition Ron Burgundy Lego Minifigure ($20), while not an official Lego product, is pad printed on genuine Lego parts, and features everything you love about the highest rated man in news. From his unmistakeable burgundy suit, to his magnificent mustache, to his well-coifed hair, right down to his bottle of scotch.

Mini Lego figure of Ron Burgundy from Anchor Man, our favorite comedy! I'm Ron Burgundy.


"Oh, I wish I were am Oscar Mayer weiner. 'Cause if I were am Oscar Mayer weiner, everyone would be in love with meee.

Lego library...I cannot. Even begin to explain how epic, amazing, fantastic, and beautiful this is to me.

Lego library, Harry potter - This reminds me of what the unexplored sections of public libraries of the past look like.

Wayne's World (tomleech) Tags: world mike lego wayne dana mini figure waynes minifig custom campbell garth myers algar carvey

How awesome are these Wayne's World Custom LEGO Minifigures by Tomleech - We're not worthy! We're not worthy! Wayne's World the original movie was about two

Incredible LEGO St Pancras International Station LEGO station

In pictures: the incredible LEGO St Pancras International Station – Now. – Time Out London

Like the original Tower of Chaos, but more towery and chaotic!  Tom's official name for it is "Tower of the Future".  A collaboration between Tom and myself; I can't remember when we started on it.  Must have been months, on and off.  Demolished this weekend not long after these photos were taken, to make way for the Christmas tree.  More pics to follow, and more on Tom's page, here:

Such an awesome lego tower! Now that's a project my boys would like to collaborate on!

<b>Malaysia-based Lego fan <a href="" target="_blank">Adly Syairi Ramly</a> created these delightful images using an iPhone 5</b>.

30 Iconic Music Artists Recreated In Lego

Check out this collection of LEGO minifigs made to look like rock bands and musicians. They were done by former music critic Adly Syairi Ramly.

LEGO Dark Tower

tower of Barad-Dur (The eye of Sauron)- made of LEGOS! [ Mueller- Sean needs a board for me to pin stuff like this on, lol!

Up Legos

Carl from Up made from Legos - so cute! If you have Lego fans check out the ideas on this page My favorite movie!