Radio Kiss FM: Gene Simmons, Lua Branca, Print, Outdoor, Ads picture on VisualizeUs

Finally, a use for cassette tapes...

Featured below posters were created by agency Lua Branca for radio station Kiss FM. On the waves of Kiss FM is a real classic rock: the best music

Original y creativo diseño de un mueble en forma de guitarra, vía chachylee, España.

cool guitar bookshelf I want this in my future house in my music room

Ilustraciones platos

i chose this image as it is the logos of bands who are likely to be featured in my magazine.I may use this to advertise and promote these bands.

its got most of the ones i love!!

This picture contains the names of the classic rock band such as The Rolling stones and AC/DC. These have both became iconic names the name of our band needs to achieve this by being fairly short and catchy.

Incredibly detailed miniature worlds constructed on everyday objects - by japanese artist Akihiro Morohoshi


Incríveis artes com fitas cassete

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Holding it though...

Music Lessons - Learn To Play An Instrument Online with a LIVE Teacher!


Customized Well Music Note Phone Cover For Samsung Galaxy


so true. When the world gets crazy I hit the music button.i would probably just live in the music world for the rest of my life

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Acoustic Guitar Key by Rockin’ Keys Open up the. - Acoustic Guitar Key by Rockin’ Keys “ Open up the door to your Rockin’ world with this unique acoustic guitar key!