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Visual Art – French stencil artist cat art in East London

Creeping Cat in Barcelona street art by Jamie Scanlon

Inspired By Banksy’s Works, I Gave Up Alcohol And Drugs For Street Art

Come here, kitty. British street artist JPS shows this cat's graceful balance on a wall in Barcelona, Spain. Can you walk the chain as confidently?-via Street Art Utopia.

The cat was there, or only her shadow. One can be as good as the other, at the right time.

Josh Harker - Crania Anatomica Filigre- Mini Street art cat street art street art by Julian Amazing Art

Street art, cat art. Art de rue, art félin.

Art AC Unit: In Miami, Arizona, this cuter-than-cute mural shows a sweet little kitten clinging on to the AC unit for dear life.

Door in Valparaiso, Chile - photo from A Yank without a Chain blog

Valparaiso, Chile is one of the most striking places I have ever visited and the street art is among the best I have ever seen. Every corner you turn brings another mural, and the artists don't see.

Tetris shelving, a geeky display and storage solution

Tetris shelving, a geeky display and storage solution

Organize and store all your movies, games, and collectibles using this Tetris modular shelving and storage unit. The colorful and intricate pattern of the unit gives you tons of differently sized storage space so you can accommodate all your stuff.

Photo at Angouleme from Three-Legged-Cat

La Fille des Remparts "The Girl of the Ramparts" painting by Max Cabanes Angoulême, France