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History of Japan (bill wurtz on youtube) /(/HOW ABOUT SUNRISE LAND ~~~~

If you don't understand the reference, watch History of Japan by bill wurtz

So we have kung fu China, France, Cowboy America, Pirate England and Cossack Russia :)

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Allies - China, France, America, England, Russia


Hetalia - China and Prussia have to be my Favorite hetalia characters

But anime was made by people. So in a sense, those people taught us better than the ones supposed to teach us.

See Mom, Watching Anime is Great!

Anime has been my inspiration, and it's so true.to bad we don't have much role models like this now.

Netherlands, Denmark, France, England

((By GrodroZMaa on deviantArt Have a hair reference for some of the Hetalia characters. It's very accurate. Especially with France and The Netherlands.