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Ferret coats- I have a light silver/roam ferret, named Alaska!

I know, there may be some flaws on my behalf here. I got some help from the guys on the American Ferret Association group and they submitted me a lot of. Ferret Colour and Coat Pattern Chart

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ferret pirates - there will be prints available for purchase soon. I've already asked the artist for one!

Oh my goodness my babies look like the two In the middle :3

lol ferret siblings look like the one on top and their adopted sister is a silver tail

Marvin The Ferret vs. Bedtime by on deviantART This describes my Pandora perfectly; except substitute crying with biting on cage.

You have no idea how funny this is if you've never owned a ferret

I call "The Speed Bump" "Ninja Carpet Shark" because Sally is white and a carpet shark, and because the tile is white. It's almost like there's no ferret there!