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13 Slammin' Pictures From A Shopping Mall In 1990

More than two decades ago, photographer Michael Galinsky captured the big hair, bad clothes and overall bodaciousness at malls around the country.

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Madison Square Mall Opening - YouTube

A look back at Madison Square Mall\'s opening in August of


Rad, Dude: Michael Galinsky’s Photographs Captures Malls From the

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40 More Photos Taken At Malls In 1989

40 More Photos Taken At Malls In 1989

40 More Photos Taken At Malls In cool idea, esp in retrospect

This is a photo of an American mall in 1989. Clearly, shopping was (and still is) one of the many benefits in big cities. People from all over the city would shop in colossal malls and purchase products. This is a cultural change in big cities because before, suburban and urban areas lacked these huge shopping centers.

Flashback to the Timeless Malls of the 1980s

In the winter of Michael Galinsky drove across the U. photographing malls and the people inside them. Galinsky photographed — it's impossible to tell Indiana from Arkansas — but when.

Opening of Madison Square Mall 1984

Opening of Madison Square Mall 1984

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Incredible Photos of America's Malls In The 1980s

11 Photos of Malls That Will, Like, Totally Blow Your Mind

[Moms at the Mall] | Photographer Michael Galinsky drove across the country in 1989 and shot about 30 rolls of film in malls across America. "Waking Up In A Mall In The 80's With A Camera" Gallery

Waking Up In A Mall In The 80's With A Camera

This Is What American Malls Looked Like In 1989 Photos] – The Roosevelts