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San'sii the Kursk by Lucas Graciano ((Looks like he's wielding multiple weapons, like Suniren.who I ripped that off of through Darth Kreiya))

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Hoth Trooper, Tony Foti on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/star-wars-imperial-assault-hoth-trooper

Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Hoth Trooper, Tony Foti on ArtStation at…

even piell | Tumblr

alwaysstarwars: “ Cover art to Star Wars: Republic Emissaries to Malastare Part 2 by Mark Schultz ”

I love this detailed explanation of this.

because starwars is cool

In case you were wondering, purple. Purple is the best lightsaber color. Not only is purple just the best color anyways, but moral ambiguity is not a bad thing!

Seems legit.

Darth Bane was a human male Dark Lord of the Sith and the sole survivor of the destruction of.

Star Wars Galactic Empire - Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine Art Print by Nathan Owens

This art print features Darth Sidious - the most evil, scheming, and powerful Sith Lord to rule the galaxy!

Keiran Halcyon, a Corellian Jedi of the Galactic Republic was often classed by others as a Gray Jedi as were most from Corellia due to their independence from the Jedi hierarchy and unusual customs such as long held belief in marriages resulting in long lineages of Jedi in force sensitive families.

Corellian Jedi, or Green Jedi as they were known during the Cold War, were a reclusive sect of.