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The last suitcase you'll ever need. This is the nearly-complete “defensive suitcase project” by 47 Images Photography. Officially called the E(x)IT — the Emergency “X” Intervention and Trauma kit

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Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a Patriot from Texas and author of the outstanding book, "American Sniper," was killed Saturday while assisting fellow veterans suffering from PTSD. As a defender of Liberty and the Second Amendment, he will be missed.

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, deadliest sniper in U. This man is the definition of a true American hero. God Bless the troops. The subject of the movie "American Sniper.

What Shotgun Sport is Right for You? | Range365

Smoking a streaking clay target is the most popular recreational use of shotguns. These three are far and away the most popular in America today.

For many first time firearm buyers, buying a gun can be an overwhelming experience - one that can often cause people to make the wrong decision.

Tips for Buying your First Gun

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Marine faces boot for Anti Obama Facebook posts. What about freedom of speech? Obama is slowly taking away all RIGHTS and FREEDOM!

US "Freedom of Speech": US Marine Gary Stein dismissed for criticising Obama -- Americans seriously need to wake up

Women gun owners going up, ccw permits for ladies going up, women and guns go hand in hand!  #ccw #gunowners

An infographic about Girls and their Guns, the rise of firearms ownership among the female population. The rise of women carrying concealed weapons.