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In recent times, a 1978 book by Ian Woodward called THE WEREWOLF DELUSION: a thoroughly researched investigation into the werewolf, says that the Vikings may have brought werewolf folklore into the Americas and introduced it to Native American tribes.

Not how I've written the werewolves in my book, but I like the traditional looking lycanthropes nevertheless. They chill me.

Exactly how I like my Lycans to look - and exactly what you'll find in my dark fantasy/horror novel, The Dark World.

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Berserkers may have been the predecessor to werewolves because the fighters wore pelts into battle and fought like fierce animals.<< That's wicked!

Morai by wolf-minori

so here's first: Morai Muna ( strange name XD I used to invent werid names) Morai

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Werewolf designs, to better portray these beastly men in my erotica and romance stories.