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Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Austria & North Italy

Hetalia Austria and Italy

Mogeko comic

seichiinaratranslates: “ Original work by okegom / Deep-Sea Prisoner. Translation and typesetting by ✿缘❀ / seichiinara. ※Permission to translate and upload was granted by the artist.

/Bioluminescent communication. Communication by the production of light occurs commonly in vertebrates and invertebrates in the oceans, particularly at depths (e.g. angler fish). Two well known forms of land bioluminescence are fireflies and glow worms. Other insects, insect larvae, annelids, arachnids and even species of fungi possess bioluminescent abilities. Some bioluminescent animals produce the light themselves whereas others have a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria.

Sri Lanka Bay Owl (Phodilus assimilis) is a species of bay owl in the Tytonidae family. It is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the Oriental Bay Owl.

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The Journey

UNDER THE ,SEA, CREATURE Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. A few jellyfish inhabit freshwater.