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wooden totem camp sign (more than 1 thing)

Discover 24 things that everyone who has attended summer camp knows to be true. Hint: The swim test was literally the bane of your existence.

The Circle of (Expat) Life Life is rarely a straight line. Despite my own neurotic push for things to be linear and collated, tidy and neat, most of the time the path we take resembles more of an arc than a line. Life may in...

Could make this with different districts of San Fran, Tourist sites, Famous Streets, Athletic team venues, etc.

Wood Wedding Directional Signs cant poke holes in the venue site this solves that problem

This would be a cool idea if you had a big enough garden to base parts of it off of your favorite books. Would also work for garden railroads. Each area you designed, especially if they are replicas of real places, would be posted on the post.

Neverland Pointing Direction sign that would be so much fun to make! but the lost boys wouldnt have a sign pointing strate to their HIDE OUT. Hook wouldnt have to capture tink and make her tell where Pans hiding place was.