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Bitter sweet symphony - been looking for it for ages. Yea like I hit the jackpot

Happiness #299: Happiness is flowers.

Happiness Happiness is flowers, wild flowers!

Hugging mom ❤️

Happiness is hugging my mommy.


Happiness is.


Happiness is a BBQ with friends.

Happiness is

Happiness is love through the generations

Happiness is giving and having no regrets.

Happiness is hugging

Happiness Is

Happiness Is

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When people travel with you and do not take pictures with you, that's a red flag ! Get ready to be stabbed on the back !

Taking Picture & Making Memories

~Happiness is not killing a pot plant~

~Happiness is not killing a pot plant~


Artist Beautifully Illustrates What Happiness Is

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FELICIDAD es: ...estar quieto y sentir el aire en la cara!

20 ilustraciones sobre lo que significa la felicidad para diferentes personas alrededor del mundo

Delightful Illustrations Show What Makes People Happy Around The World 6

Happiness is...

Happiness is mom food.