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Doctor Who Series 1-6 Timeline, its sad I remember every single episode and still think Rose Tyler is the worst companion

Doctor Who series timeline. This is hilarious but it's a good thing it doesn't include season or River's timeline would look like a hamster had run wildly across the page--- is season just part 2 of saeson 6 or did i miss something

Mine's more the trench and high tops... Zaida, however, gets excited with bowties. =)

Yep, this is true. I've even shouted "Bowties are cool!" in the school hallway because I saw a teacher wearing one. And now I can't watch Bill Nye the Science Guy without laughing, darn it. ^----I'm the weird kid in the hall WEARING the bow tie.

Doctor Who Problems.

Doctor Who Problems. Don't fall asleep until four in the morning: Blame it on staying up all night, waiting for the Doctor to return in five minutes.

The Doctor can, but you don't know about The Doctor because you're stupid.  Mels has struck again. This is probably a book from her school's library.

I hope this is a textbook that gets sold and ends up in another Whovian's hands one day. What a delight that would be.

You know long before I started watching Doctor Who when I was 9 years old I had a dream that the mannequin I saw in the Walmart sewing section earlier that day came to life and started chasing me. Thought I'd share that cause you know Pinterest is just like my own personal blog!

Jumped one day while walking by someone changing a mannequin.because I didn't see the person and I thought for sure it was going to jump out and start shooting, and there aren't any police boxes around

Yep. :)

possibly even longer if the man likes you and thinks you are important.

Darn cubes! THEY HOLD THE ANSWER! (...I think it may be time to make a WhoLockians board...lol)

Those black cubes! (Do I post this under Doctor Who or geeky for Sherlock?