Koroit Boulder opal

Koroit Boulder Cabochon With Two Gem Opal Nuts by Elementaldesigns | Mexican Fire Agate | Indescribably delicious colors.  Not enhanced.

Mexican Fire Agate a variety of chalcedony is a semi-precious natural gemstone found only in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.There is no actual object inside the stone.

Blue amber, only found in the Dominican   Republic

Blue amber, only found in the Dominican Republic.Visited a natural history museum in Dominican Republic. The Amber collection was amazing.

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal: Opal takes its name from the Latin word Upala meaning precious stone. The Roman scholar Pliny described opal as ring having the fire of carbuncle (a deep red garnet) & the brilliance of amethyst with the green color of emerald.

Blue Green Peruvian Opal.  This is a rare form of Peruvian opal.  Normally, the color in Peruvian opal is milky pink.

Blue-Green Peruvian Opal: enhances cosmic consciousness while promoting psychic visions. Assist in bringing forth & expressing the "authentic self"

Red Boulder opal

Emil Weis Opale - Opale aus der ganzen Welt - Infos about Boulder Opal 2

Inside a Rough Opal

Gem quality opal from Australia. SEM Image of the opal. Compare near-gem quality opal and gem-quality fire opal x magnification) from (dry) Lake Tecopa, Inyo County, California, USA; SEM images courtesy of Ma Chi


Blue Boulder Opal Specimen [ ] polished Boulder Opal specimen , from the Hammond Mine , Yappra Opal area near Quilpie, Queensland , Australia

Koroit Opal from Queensland, Australia

Koroit Opal from Queensland, Australia. Perhaps one of our favourite stones, ever.

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Boulder opal!  Some nice new stones I just cut! Bill Kasso

so beautiful! Lovely matched cabs here! Anxious to get back to my roots; gem & mineral specimens, hand made designer jewelry & ceramic arts! I have some matches cabs of very nice Montana agate!