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I find it really cute when your a bit clingy. Coz I feel like I wanted which is probably bad. I was free to do stuff but I really wanted to chat and tell you about it all my gorgeous 🐙

This looks like Miss B.

Looks like my Doodles!

isn't it cute?                                                                                                                                                                                 More

isn't it cute? More

śpiące koty

Sleepy kitties - I so could have been the crazy cat lady, but I fought it! I so like photos however, and visiting others with Cats.

Leo would eat me before he'd let me put him in a bear suit . . . but how cute is this kitty?!

Teddy cat, teddy cat, what are they feeding you. Teddy cat, teddy cat, it's not your fault.

Get the camera...'finally' caught my tail.

ok, i did the sit up now what? touch my paws? you crazy? i thought the sit up was it!

I remember a great cat named Purity. White with blue eyes❤️

Just Funny Photos Of Cats Sitting Like Humans

Beautiful blue eyes--white blue-eyed cats are deaf but oh so lovable