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Coeur des Stes Maries de la mer

The mixture of the 3 shapes of cross, heart and anchor are meant to symbolize faith, hope, and love. Notice how it's also in the shape of an anchor with a heart? A sailor stole my heart

sizing is key to this logo! Largest is the beginning of the word with the smallest letter being the end. This design is very eye pleasing and is effective in the way it is read. Color might enhance it further.

Sigil-style typography - a good Initial Cap-sort of - visual tease to the work it supports - MK “Love” by Dirk Bell. Every letter from the word "love" is stacked upon your heart, for it makes your heart whole again

For the Love of Anchors :)

I love anchors. I love infinity. I love the Bible. I love love love this!

livelaughlove i love this tattoo idea and its my fav saying

This is a tatto that is in the shape of a love heart. Inside the love says: Live Laugh Love

If you love someone, do not put their name in a heart because hearts can be broken, instead put their name in a circle, because circles go on forever.

Love is forever. The figure 8 sideways is the symbol for infinity. My favorite my son's Tattoo.Love is forever. The figure 8 sideways is the symbol for infinity. My favorite my son's

So this is gonna be on my body soon

Always wanted an Anchor on my foot with my Grandpop's Naval Ship Number next to it.think I finally found one I like:):::Not my quote but a great idea!

Heart, Anchor & Cross

The cross, the anchor, and the heart represent the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity respectivily. It is based on the cross and anchor symbol used by the early Christians in the catacombs, the added heart representing humanity.

would be a cute tat

love bird tattoos (maybe have 2 little birds flying away to represent each of my kids that will someday "leave the nest") *could be neat as a silhouette on a canvas too

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Tattoo of the word 'faith' in shape of a cross. Let your faith be bigger than your fears. I think this represents Mrs Fry's faith in god; Christianity represented by the cross and faith represented by the word.

It's a decal, but it would be a cute tat Infinity Anchor Window Decal by GlitzNGlamItUp on Etsy