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Quilt Tile Designs - Lakota Tile Studio - We can custom create YOUR quilt pattern as a tile art piece. Call: 515--538--0323

Quilt Tile Designs - Lakota Tile Studio - We can custom create YOUR quilt pattern as a tile art piece. Call: 515--538--0323

Africa | Ceremonial textile from Cameroon; Hand woven on narrow loom; indigo resist dyed

Cameroon Indigo Ceremonial Textile

Cameronean ceremonial textile, hand-woven on a narrow loom then indigo resist dyed.

Copy image and transfer to a word document- than print onto white fabric and use as background to a quilt, pillow, mural etc.

iPhone wallpaper love this print Margaret Rankin ~ lino print ~ Journal cover at Etsy.

Historic Paint Colors and Palettes

Shades of black paint colors // Understanding black colours. this chart takes each, and mixes them with white.

- stitchery-UZBEK Ottoman Silk Handmade Embroidery Suzani - Closely imitated Turkish motifs, in applique rather than weaving or woodblock.

Africa | Woman's Ceremonial Skirt from the Bushong people of DR Congo | ca. early 20th century | Pounded and dyed inner bark (Ficus); piecing | This striking wraparound skirt was made for an aristocratic woman of the Bushong ruling group, possibly a member of the royal clan, since they were the only Kuba who were entitled to wear barkcloth, which was otherwise restricted to mourning and funerary rite.

Woman’s Ceremonial Skirt Bushong people Early century Pounded and dyed inner bark (Ficus);

Celtic+Tiles+for+Backsplashes | Lakota Tile Studio

See pictures and photos from Lakota Tile Studio in Lakota, IA 50451 at MerchantCircle

Here's a shot of the whole kitchen that Cat Rosengren of Lakota Tile Studios designed the tiles for. http://www.lakotatilestudios.com

I love how this project turned out! I worked closely with the homeowner to develop the right design and then made my special stained glass tiles where I fuse actual stained glass into the tile.

Pinecone Tile

Pine Cone Tile by Derby Pottery in New Orleans. This one seems a real repro from Arts and Crafts period from a Hotel in French Quarter in New Orleans.

My friend, Cat Rosengren, who is a tile artist just completed work for a client. She used her handmade jewel tiles that you can buy at http://www.lakotatilestudio.com

More in the stained glass project series. The homeowner also commissioned a matching wall art tile to use above the sink.