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!!!!~ no question. This will have to happen before I die.

My very first K-Pop group. :) they will forever be my favorite!

SHINee!!! They are like my most loved group T^T <3 shinee fighting!!!


They are like my most loved group T^T SHINee oppas fighting!



SHINee never fail to make me smile if not laugh.

SHINee, my favorite Kpop boy band

Onew, Key, & Minho (SHINee). I don't know what's going on here, but I like it. (.gif set).

Onew, Key, & Minho Key gets all the bitches

[GIF] SHINee they're so cute

[GIF] SHINee they're so cute lol key is all like "damn guys ur killin my vibe" love

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SHINee MACROS + Funny ahh onew and his chicken...

Onew is a chicken fan.

Hahah! Is taeminnie biting Key's arm?!?

Is taeminnie biting Key's arm? He sorta looks like a stoner or some person with a bad sleep schedule.


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Imagen de SHINee

Shinee my babies

shinee 1

Weekly Idol with will be broadcast on October 12 at 6 PM KST

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Taemin Appa, Minho Appa, Jonghyun Appa, Onew Appa, Key Appa and Baby Yoogeun

have a SLEEPOVER with SHINEE omfg...  And the Pajamas are called Kigurumi.! -_- MOFO.!

have a sleepover with SHINee in animal pajamas!

Onew (SHINee) pre-debut.--- he was such a cutie even back then <3 >> SO FREAKIN CUTE OH MY GOSH

He looks like a 2007 emo kid lol. I love seeing pre-debut shinee

Minho(SHINee) he looks so young here

Minho(SHINee) he looks so young here. Chenle is that you