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The bottom right is one of my favorite moments in the whole video

he has figured out my weaknesses and put them all into one video. the hair blowing in the wind. omg im having a a fangirl attack

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harry going for a run :) wow i never knew there was a cute way of running untill now <3

❝ i like the sad eyes, bad guys, mouth full of white lies ❞

TRUE THAT.<<< I'm homeschooled with two sisters!! But the other schools that I have been to marcel is still hotter than all of them!!!

SO TRUE! Sorry boys but Harry's always cuter than any of y'all

Louis birthday is on Christmas Eve and my birthday is the day after Christmas and watching this live stream it just made me cry

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REMEMBER THIS You know Harry can be such a cutie. It's his birthday! And Christmas Eve so like idk anymore about you Harry.

Don't worry Cupcake, I"m learning to cope 😊 They grow up so fast 💚