Wie droomde er niet van als kind: van je slaapkamer naar de living kunnen langs een gijbaan. Dit appartement in Oekraïne dateert uit 1917, maar werd volled...

Apartment with a Slide is a residential project completed by KI Design. It is located in Kharkov, Ukraine. Photos courtesy of KI Design

Home Tour: An apartment with a VERY distinguishing feature

Playful Apartment in Ukraine Features a Slide Inside (Fres Home)


Really Fun Library Slide - Architect Moon Hoon designed the Panorama House in South Korea, which features a multi-functional library. A wooden slide (used by the adults in the home, too!) is flanked by stair step bookcases.

A double shower you could practically live in.  The stone wall, double ceiling mounted shower heads, recessed lighting and perfect tile floor are all magnificent.

Modern Master Bathroom with Oregon Tile and Marble Montauk Black Slate Slab, Oregon Tile and Marble Brazilian Grey Slate Tile