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Centre de commande de Psy Print édition par ArtofSamuelFarrand

Centre de commande de Psy Print édition par ArtofSamuelFarrand

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Joma Sipe creates breathtaking visionary art with influences in magick, alchemy and sacred geometry.

All in us... Sacred geometry is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to reach beyond the physical and awaken the divine within. The shapes, patterns and forms that develop from the circle and sphere are harmonic modules that can help attune, empower, uplift and inspire the human condition and open us more to the greater whole. ~ Jonathan Quintin

All in us…

The Harmonic Portal - 2014 - 2038 - 2075 - Anchoring the Coming - Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn /

Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art, Sacred Geometry, Lotus, Graphic Art, Fantasy Art, Meditation, Zen, Paper Crafts

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“Pray for the disaster caused by unscrupulous exploitation in Mariana, Brazil. Pray for those being bombarded Beirut. Pray for the refugees and those being…”