Different hair colours

Although I do prefer the ginger and the black over blonde.

Height chart (I’m still shorter than each of them)

John Watson and Jim Moriarty. Sherlock (BBC) ---- hat man and robin haha!


lots of love for first Sherlock reading!<=== I thought they were kindergarteners or something.

lol he's adorable x) And besides, now he'll have a lovely wife to pick his clothes everyday. :)

38 Pictures Of Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombing Things

Melinda - The Sherlock fandom as told by Benedict Cumberbatch...this is so accurate.

THIS^Except my family not friends.:D XDXD the after face: sort of a "I'm numb to the pain" face

Sherlock Kiss Reaction Chart. Made by me (MrsDeGoey) Hope you like it!<-----this is hilarious!

Haha, but the Sherlolly kiss was happy fangirl shrieks. <<--- Only for those who ship sherlolly!


loki-li-cious: “ I prefer black but all are good ” Any - I don’t care about the hair. It’s the man I want.

Look at benidicts face

Also, filming this scene, when John is talking to Sherlock on the phone and Sherlock cries, those are real tears. Martin's speech made Benedict cry!

Cumberbatch with his Cumberbitches.

Cumberbatch with his Cumberbitches.

You might get kicked out of the British Gentlemen's Acting Club for this. << pinned for comment and how damned nice they all are<<< She has a TARDIS phone case

That honestly surprised me lolol

i think i can speak for everyone here when i say i wouldn't mind those buttons giving up the fight.

Funny pictures about Sherlock's Shirt. Oh, and cool pics about Sherlock's Shirt. Also, Sherlock's Shirt photos.

Benedict Cumberbatch

I read a comment recently from a sherlock fan that every single picture she sees of BC is like an entirely new experience of his face. I know exactly what she means - he& a physical and emotional chameleon. This guy will never be out of work.


Although I do prefer the ginger and the black over blonde.