What is Moving Will be Still - Lindsey Kustusch  - oil on panel

victoriousvocabulary: “VOLITATE [verb] to flutter or fly hither and thither; Etymology: ultimately from Latin volare, “to fly”. [Lindsey Kustusch - What Is Moving Will Be Still] ”

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the raven painting art contemporary impressionist Cohen Rese Gallery - Gallery - Selected Work

By Lindsey Kustusch #painting #raven

Blackbird Fly by Lindsey Kustusch. Hand dyed fabric with thread painting to replicate the feel.

Crow painting

Lindsey Kustusch 12 - if someone can actually replicate this identically without missing a minute detail, then this would be an incredible piece of body art. Huginnin and Munin


Lindsey Kustusch @ STUDIO Gallery, SF

Bay area artist, Lindsey Kustusch, is having her second solo show this month at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco. Over 35 pieces of new work, including.