pink rock ring

Hot pink druzy geode gold dipped ring- nevermind that - I& thinking that& an agate crystal there - loving it!


Go get cheap metal rings from crafts store. Go to Stories and Stones/adventuring and find exceptional rocks. Super glue rocks to rings.

Metal Turquoise Ring - Stone - Natural- Blue

Copper Ring Turquoise December Birthstone Handmade Ring Simple Raw Modern Organic Robins Egg Blue - MidwestAlchemy shop on Etsy

tourmaline ring | dainty-fashion

Made by Russian Vladimir Orjehovskiy, the stone is unknown, but I couldn't resist including it here as it is such a beautiful piece.

Whoa, these are amazing. LUX DIVINE /// Semi Adjustable Turquoise Wrap Ring by luxdivine

Pink Neomi Ring

Big Bold Gold Pink Neomi Ring - cigar band ring with pink raw druzy. Make a Statement w/ this Gorgeous crystal stone.


Turquoise yep the bigger and chunkier the better I like it :)

Der Rand dieser runden Achatdrusen ist komplett (auch auf der Rückseite) 14k handvergoldet, ihre kristallartige Oberfäche glitzert schon von Weitem...

CRYSTAL STARS Studs with Agate Geode | gold