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AU-CONTRAIRE Photography

Miss Meadows' Pearls - Fashion, Photography, Alternative Model, Burlesque, Vintage

ethereal and enchanting

Inspiration- Green with Envy

green - woman and birds - Photography -Fashion Portraits - © BEINTAbeinta

© Brooke Shaden -  spiral of buds

Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden creates hauntingly-beautiful works that seem to live in their own world. People shine and objects levitate in outdoor landscapes whose dreamy coloring evokes a painterly quality

Climbing From the Depths - Nicolas Bruno

ART: Sleep Paralysis Victim Recreates His Visions in Stunning Surreal Photographs Conceptual photographer Nicolas Bruno has suffered from sleep paralysis since he was [[MORE]] In.


I love fairy tales because of their haunting beauty and magical strangeness.

wooden antlers

who was this girl who walked in silence? why she was ______ the Queen of the Forest and all its living things (the antlers you see on her head were given to her graciously by the deer whom she had saved).

Photographer and artist Uldus Bakhtiozina's photos treat us to her unique vision of Russian fairy tales. She reinterprets them in her photos by focusing on the pagans roots and ethnography of Russ Land. The artist pays special attention to her ambivalent interpretation of the symbolism hidden in legends and myths.

Russian Artist Creates Surreal Photos To Illustrate Traditional Fairy Tales

Uldus Bakhtiozina’s Beautiful Photographs Of Russian Fairytale Narratives

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Baroque Fashion and Art Amazing photo shes gorgeous and I love her pink flower head look very artistic