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hannibal dog or dog lecter?


Small to big pug picture. One real pug.

If I ever change my mind about having a kid, I'll only do it like this

Why Kids Need Pets. I don't care who you are this is sweet and pets make the perfect best friend/ body guard for children.

Precious Pug.

aww little sad pug puppy eyes

Just pugged myslef

Twist and shout ! I can only imagine the sounds from this, I get to hear my two play everyday.

Christmas Pup

20 Times Dogs Wore It Better Than Christmas Trees

Mewwy Christmas via KloudPics mobileapp


Tastemaker Gift Guide: Kishani Perera OK, fashion doesn't get much cuter than this-a dog in a pea coat! Had to add this-wish pea coats came in the 100 pound size for my dog :)

Elephant plays fetch with her puppy pal! I want an elephant so bad!!

Elephant plays fetch with her puppy pal

Elephant plays fetch with her puppy pal This is so awesome. If a dog and an elephant can be friends then "why can't we all get along"

Pug cuddles -- pugs always have to rest their heads

the best chin rest is the most readily available chin rest.

Do you like my shoes? (Jordan emailed this to me too lol. LOVE it.)

A pug wearing pug slippers. Lulu would love these slippers in black, of course!

My daughter has a tiny stuffed animal dog that looks just like this. His name is Mumfy. He gets lost a lot because he is so tiny. But he gets found and comforted a lot too, because he is so cute. That's how tinyness and cuteness work. You can get philosophical and read about it in The Te of Piglet (sequel to The Tao of Pooh).

look at his widdle face!

Baby Pugs Wallpaper #6449 Wallpaper | beautyartpics.com

free Black Pug Puppy wallpaper, resolution : 1920 x tags: Black, Pug, Puppy.


Bubble wrapped pug, ready for shipping across the nation

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Boxer Treat

The dog’s square jaw is known as “undershot,” meaning the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper and curves slightly upward, the American Boxer Club says.


Pug life - Funny dog as a joke on "thug life" -- a pug in a hoodie.

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Pugs rule by cme