by Hajin Bae

Soulist Aurora is the artist name for Hajin Bae, a young illustrator and art director from Seoul, Korea. With a passion for eternal happiness she creates

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Gafas de sol redondas - Round sunglasses - Illustration - Flowers in the hair - Sunnies - Shades - Gafas de sol - Sunglasses

Bom dia pra quem caiu na folia e mal sabe como chegou em casa  #morning #goodmorning #carnaval #folia #festa #party #sketch #fashion #mood

Inslee illustration of glamor girl reading cozy All about that vogue life College Fun just want a cup of tea

Sara Ligari I like the use of pen for basic details and how she left a lot of negative space untouched.  And I like that its neither colored fully nor totally black and white

We're loving this pen drawing by Sara Ligari. The negative space works really well, and the drawing is detailed yet 'clean' looking.

Imagem de fashion, clothes, and draw

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Ultimamente não estou esperando coisas boas, e nem ruins, de nada e nem de ninguém. Por mim, tanto faz, cansei de criar falsas expectativas.

Arihanna, when Zach sees her for the first time in this realm as Renata. Fashion Sketch / Illustration by Xunxun Missy.

Look for the girl with the stars in her eyes...

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