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Lemurs are one of the few animals that live in matriarchal society, meaning that female lemurs have more control over the group than male lemurs.

Amazing how under different circumstances these animals never would have met but now are best buds.!

Meet the lion, tiger and bear who are besties

Baloo the brown bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger, known collectively as BLT, have formed an unlikely friendship across the animal kingdom at the Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia.


The Majestic Deer* This is SO gorgeous!* Stranger In Town ~ Whitetail deer painting by Jerry Gadamus ~ Walk gently upon our Earth Mother, Gaia, keeping in mind that She is forever receiving Her dead and giving birth.

A Great Big Hug!

Hug a lion. Lions are my favorite animal. If I could hug a lion I would be so happy. Or hold a baby lion.have a lion. I WANT A LION.only if I doesn't eat me.I don't want to be eaten.

Baby wallaby. Pinned from 'She Tells Stories' I need one of these!

Baby wallaby @ High Park Zoo High Park, Toronto ~ Funny little gangly things they are at that age. All feet and tail.

Native American Indians, via Flickr.

Native American Indians North Of England Mercantile Agency built in Represents trading from different countries to Leeds by canal

It honestly is sucking its "thumb"!  :-)

Baby Polar Bears are beautiful creatures. And one names Knut even became a icon of popular culture. How polar bears spend their early lives

magical moment * * " Okey, so it'z a pact. Yoo stay on yer side of deh forest and I'll stayz on mine. No howl, no growl."

magical moment * * " Okey, so it'z a pact. Yoo stay on yer side of deh forest and I'll stayz on mine. No howl, no growl."

Mountain Horned Dragons (a genus of lizards commonly known as mountain horned dragons, or pricklenape agamas. They are so named because of a row of dorsal spines which run down the back of their neck).

Mountain Horned Dragon Lizards - Igor Siwanowicz - has spent the last carefully acquiring, breeding & capturing bizarre/ visually stunning images of reptiles & amphibians

Baby lynx

This little baby wild cat is a Caracal. The caracal (Caracal caracal), also known as the desert lynx, is a wild cat widely distributed across Africa, Central Asia, and Southwest Asia into India.

gsfrenchshabbylife:Chef kitty :)

self-satisfied le chef kitty on the recipe board- you knew it had to happen ^.

Puma cub-  what a sweet little face!

Puma cub- what a sweet little face!and when it grows up it is one cat you don't want to meet in the wild!