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This structure boasts 2 vent windows for excellent ventilation and a ramp-style threshold to accommodate wheelbarrows, wagons or wheelchairs. High-clearance double doors allow for easy access.

Small-Space Garden Ideas

[ Idea: Mini Greenhouse Cabinet ] A Finnish product for balconies, terraces or even in small gardens. ~ from Kekkilä Garden

20 Brilliant DIY Garden Decoration Ideas

Une serre avec des fenêtres de récupération

The number of windows that get replaced in the name of efficiency and green upgrades is overwhelming - it's good to see some of those old windows put to use in the shape of a fabulous greenhouse

12 Great DIY Greenhouse Projects • Lots of Ideas and Tutorials on how to build a greenhouse! #HowtoBuildaGreenhouse #DIYGreenhouse #GreenhouseProjects #GreenhouseIdeas

3 easy DIY greenhouses for under $300

or a chicken coop--DIY greenhouse-repurposed window frames! great idea for when we have to replace all our windows.

Start A Vegetable Garden for $25

build a raised bed vegetable garden WITH plants and grow enough food to make back your money in no time

Potting Sheds & Greenhouse Shed Combinations - Also known as half shed half greenhouse our great range of potting sheds are perfect for all seasons and can be customised with a range of shelving and staging - Gabriel Ash

Have a lean-to greenhouse! They have the advantage of getting some heat from your house in winter, either heat that would be lost, or if it is very cold, you could open windows into the greenhouse to let your house heating system heat it. Much simpler and less dangerous than any greenhouse heater. On warm sunny winter days, the greenhouse will actually add heat to your house. And Humidity. And Oxygen. #greenhousefarming

How To Build A Simple Everyday Greenhouse #greenhouseeffect