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Disney Characters as Haute Couture Skinny Super Models

Disney Characters as Haute Couture Skinny Super Models


Frozen - Sisters - Princesses Elsa and Anna - this artwork is from one of the storybooks - contains Elsa's snowflake

Disney princesses in their villains silhouettes

9 Disney Heroes Who Are Haunted By Their Villains' Shadows

From top to bottom: Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Cinderella, the Lion King, Paperman, and Tinkerbell.

Disney fanart, amazing although I don't think I've seen the paperboy one, I think thas what it's called.


Disney, Belle reading Aladdin I always tried to figure out what book she was reading.

Disney Villains Happy Endings Collection by Justin Turrentine (1)

This is a small series of digital paintings by artist Justin Turrentine called 'Happy Endings for Disney Villains'.) illustrations of Disney villains if they'd come out on top and not had their plans foiled.

it would be soo cute if a girlfriend was to ask her boyfriend to bring her an apple and he came back with a bite taken out and he were to say exactly what the note said...

"I tasted it, no poison. - Prince Charming" How to pick up a girl, Disney style. This is so cute! My husband better do this!

Do not even try to argue about Disney with me. You will not win. Ever.

I tell my husband this ALL the time. He never learns… ( Lyons Lyons Griggs , you might appreciate this ;) ~WDW is my husband's favorite vacation destination!

Frozen - Disney Animation studios ha love what they did to hans

Frozen - Disney Animation studios-- of course Hans is in the Shadows.