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Selfie Level: Asian

Selfie Level: Asian

Funny pictures about Selfie Level: Asian. Oh, and cool pics about Selfie Level: Asian. Also, Selfie Level: Asian.

Omg these are adorable! The only time duck lips looks cute as a selfie..when ur a child! !

13 Times Kids Did Selfies Better Than Adults… look at the lady on the seventh picture Plasics smile

This dude and his polar bear selfie. | The 49 Most WTF Pictures Of People Posing With Animals

49 of the most WTF pictures of people posing with their animals: This dude and his polar bear selfie

Dang it!

Funny pictures about Thank god for those warnings. Oh, and cool pics about Thank god for those warnings. Also, Thank god for those warnings.

Had this happen while taking a pic... why are you posing hahaha

Being Asian

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 66 images. Why Are They Posing When I'm Taking A Photo Of Myself ?


15 Outrageously Funny Group Face Swaps

You're probably familiar with the simple face swap, right? Add more people for a group face swap, and it only gets funnier.

But how tall would his girlfriend have to be even if she did exist?

My girlfriend is always trying to sneak my picture <<< can we all just take a moment and look at his reflection in the car window. He's taking a selfie !

Just a casual selfie.  @Sarah Nordeck Looked like something that would amuse you.

Funny Animal Selfies Will Put A Smile On Your Face Opposable thumbs once gave us humans a lofty edge over our animal friends. You'll no doubt understand how we felt a little piece of ourselves die fore.

Best Of The Selfie Olympics Meme - 11 Pics

at least they're more hygienic

at least they're more hygienic

Funny pictures about Free shrugs. Oh, and cool pics about Free shrugs. Also, Free shrugs photos.

LMAO Hani pls..

Another example of her gayness

That's me...I'm sure that's a pretty accurate description...

Just Girly Things

Funny pictures about Laughing without reasons. Oh, and cool pics about Laughing without reasons. Also, Laughing without reasons.

Happy Valentines Day!

Forever Alone booth and Third Wheel booth! Cerulo Schneider why have we never sat at the third wheel booth before?