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Sukathunda (Parrot’s beak) Hasta Viniyoga    Sukathunda is the eight mudra of the 28 Single Hand Mudras (Asamyutta Hasta) as described in the Abhinaya Darpana.    How to:  From Arala, bent your ring finger halfway down as well, so both your index and ring finger are bent down in the same fashion.

Kataka-mukha Mudra Kataka-mukha Mudra English: “link in a chain” Kataka-mukha Mudra is the twelfth hand ge.

Shakti Mohan demonstrates different hand gestures

Bollywood dance explained

Bollywood dance moves are now a familiar sight on Western TV and cinema screens. But what is the symbolism of the gestures, footwork and costumes drawn from classical Indian dance styles?

Mudras of India

I am enjoying learning more about these magical hand gestures as part of my yoga practice.

Pasha Hasta Of Indian Dance Bharata Natyam

Photo about Woman hand showing Pasha hasta of indian classic dance Bharata Natyam - 14012311

Shiva Mudra- R hand with thumb up resting on palm of L hand at belly level- can combine with kapalabati or breath of fire = enhance energy, release or move stuck energy

Shiva Linga Hand Mudra: “Our thumbs, fingers and palms of our hands emit currents of energy. By creating certain postures with your hands, fingers and thumbs you open up energy channels to encourage flow and healing”.