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The kagu or cagou (Rhynochetos jubatus) is a crested, long-legged, and bluish-grey bird endemic to the dense mountain forests of New Caledonia. It is the only surviving member of the genus Rhynochetos and the family Rhynochetidae, although a second specie

Double-barred Finch | Malcolm's Blog

Double-barred Finch aka Owl finch or Bichenos finch - An estrildid finch found in dry savanna tropical (lowland) dry grassland and scrubland habitats in northern and eastern Australia.

White-crested Laughingthrush | by dgward55 flickr

White-crested laughing thrushes (Garrulax leucolophus) It is found in forest and scrub from the Himalayan foothills to Indochina.

albino pelicans - Yahoo Image Search Results

albino pelicans - Yahoo Image Search Results

What a beautiful fluff

Rollers are so pretty! Racket-tailed roller at the San Diego Zoo in California

"...Winter is putting footsteps in the meadow....” ~Roman Payne

*LET IT SNOW ~ Beautiful little Mountain Bluebirds snuggle together. I just amazes me the beautiful things God has made for us to enjoy.



Wreathed Hornbill

A male Wreathed hornbill with gular pouch. The female's pouch is blue. Hornbill - bird found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia, & Melanesia

This fancy bird looks like she's wearing a stole & headed for the opera

This fancy bird looks like she's wearing a stole & headed for the opera

.Anthropoides paradisea / Grulla del Paraíso / Blue Crane / Grue de paradis / Paradieskranich

A lover's dance by ariseandrejoice - Blue Cranes at the International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, WI. Cranes often mate for life, and dancing strengthens their bond

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Diamond Firetail Finch - Australia - Charming little bird with a fire tail.


Baby hummingbird resting on a zinnia by "Walk in the Woods Photography." the zinnia was my grandmother's favorite flower-I had a humming bird on them last week!