Anthony Quinn

Schauspieler Anthony Quinn, Copyright: Andreas H. Bitesnich // Schauspieler Anthony Quinn, Wien Copyright: Andreas H. Bitesnich Up there with the best.

Robert De Niro (Роберт де Ниро)

Robert de Niro, was cool but not now with the release of his new movie Dirty Grandpa.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the greatest martial artist of his generation. A movie star. A pop culture icon. A legend.But all legends start somewhere. For Lee, that somewhere was Long Beach 50 year… | Marlon Brando

A must see-Apocalypse Now Colonel Kurtz. Marlon Brando photographed by Mary Ellen Mark on the Philippine set of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now

O lendário Robert Redford. Leia a crítica do filme Mais Forte Que a Vingnaça. O cinema disposto em todas as suas formas. Análises desde os clássicos até as novidades que permeiam a sétima arte. Críticas de filmes e matérias especiais todos os dias. #filme #filmes #clássico #cinema #ator #atriz

Crítica: ‘Mais Forte Que a Vingança’(1972), de Sydney Pollack

Robert Redford, just take as long as you want drinking in his gorgeous face. whew Robert Redford is my celebrity crush, I'm telling you

Paul Newman, 1943

Young Paul Newman -- I'm pinning this under school. I wonder what his teachers thought of the young Newman. Was he a big goofball who didn't turn in every homework assignment on time? Reminder to teach the whole child.

Les portraits de célébrités de Martin Schoeller Martin Schoeller 05

Les portraits de célébrités de Martin Schoeller

MARTIN SCHOELLER Jack Nicholson, 2002 Martin Schoeller is a New York-based photographer whose style of "hyper-detailed close ups" is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown.

sean connery medicine man/.  Sean 007 The Medicine Man Connery

Sean Connery ~ Met the cinematographer for this movie "The Medicine Man" ~ So, interesting! I a huge fan of Sean Connery ~ since I was a very young child watching watching ~ Loved it then love it still.

Peter O'Toole

A Very Youthful And Handsome Portrait Of Irish Actor Peter O'Toole by unknown author.

Liam Neeson - Ever since Rob Roy.This was a hard one to place.a bit of eye candy as well. : ) Male actor, hand, portrait, photo b/w.