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Yum Yum Toys Series 1 & 2 on Toy Design Served

Yum Yum London –  Art Toys and Papercrafts

Yum Yum London – Art Toys and Papercrafts

Yum Yum London – Art Toys et Papercrafts

Toy Character on Toy Design Served

Toy Character by Fran Rossi, via Behance

Vinyl Toys from Yum Yum. Check out their work. Yumyum studios has a lot of really funny charater design and animated shorts

Alpro: Coco Loco, com animação da Yum Yum de Londres

Pecanpals Monochrome Edition (grey), available @

I still regret not getting a Pecan Pal by Noferin. Best wooden blind box assortment toys EVER.

Rappcats » J Dilla Figure by Pay Jay  $60

Stussy x Pay Jay Productions J Dilla Toy

쎈스씨inc. :: 항상 맑아서 좋은 스티키 몬스터 랩(SML)의 공공장소 아울렛

항상 맑아서 좋은 스티키 몬스터 랩(SML)의 공공장소 아울렛

쎈스씨inc. :: 항상 맑아서 좋은 스티키 몬스터 랩(SML)의 공공장소 아울렛

일사설배팅【〃Vvvip77.COM〃추천:6969〃】-★매일첫충10추가매충5사다리1.95/로하이1.95/좌출,우출1.93 실시간&스페셜-1쿼3쿼/첫득/막득/첫2점3점7점/3쿼양팀득점/득점홀짝/첫자유투/첫3점/달팽이/스타리그/리그오브레전드ね모바일사설배팅:

일사설배팅【〃Vvvip77.COM〃추천:6969〃】-★매일첫충10추가매충5사다리1.95/로하이1.95/좌출,우출1.93 실시간&스페셜-1쿼3쿼/첫득/막득/첫2점3점7점/3쿼양팀득점/득점홀짝/첫자유투/첫3점/달팽이/스타리그/리그오브레전드ね모바일사설배팅:

I wanted to make some CGI ice cream, so came up with this little image :)

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Farmácias Associadas is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Brazil. The main objective of this campaign was to show the new visual identity as well as demonstrate the concept of closeness ​​and friendship that the company offers .

Ronilton Costa - Farmácias Associadas on Behance


C'est vendredi, c'est le Bordel #47

Yum Yum Toys Series 1 & 2 on Behance

breaking bad - Buscar con Google

Breaking Bad toon-up figures: Walt and Jesse / Trevor Grove

J.K Rowling gets an applause for killing like 100 beloved characters yet has one of the best book series of all time.

*sad poets club* on

With John Green writing books, no main character is safe

Star Wars Illustrations by Konrad Kirpluk. Totally want the Boba Fett and Stormtrooper as tattoos

9 Insanely Cute 'Star Wars' Illustrations

9 Insanely Cute ‘Star Wars’ Illustrations The work of UK-based illustrator Konrad Kirpluk.

"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice."             - Wayne Dyer

Famous Quotes at

BrainyQuote's for Martin Luther King, Jr.

A basic walk cycle - Simple stylised look; sexually ambiguous character; fits in with 60's aesthetic of my design

anatoref: “ Walking Animation Tutorial Top Image Row Left, Right Row 3 Row Left, Right Row 5 & Bottom Image ”