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paille nebraska

This website details the building of a small straw bale home - including design, plans and construction photos. Also links to other natural building projects.

Small log cabin with water wheel - Off the Grid living

I like the idea of a water wheel recirculating water to and from the creek to produce power when solar is not producing: Water wheel producing 24 kw power/day on 20 cm of running water (pending the building site can accommodate this

Our Earth Sheltered Home

Detailed, pictorial step-by-step process through frost wall and concrete slab foundation + house construction. Step by step how to build a passive solar earth sheltered home

straw bale homes | Welcome to http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk--A strawbale building ...

Simple strawbale cottage *Because we live in a brick house, Logan is always asking me where the straw house is!

How To Build Your Cob Home, The Easy WayCob Building 101

i was told that straw bale houses with cob interior features are warmer; but whatever works in the area, earthbag to cob. How To Build Your Cob Home, The Easy WayCob Building 101

Lots Of FREE Straw Bale House Plans - SHTF Preparedness

FREE Straw Bale House Plans

Building with Bales of Straw: Frameless Straw Bale House (straw bale walls carry the roof load)

Roof details 09 box gutter waterproofed 74 DSC_0073

Details, details: roof structure

I would love to build a Wooden Gutter. An item like this would definitely help in connecting a Pergola to my house. If this could last for years with upkeep, even years with upkeep it would be worth it.

Earthbag House 1800 SF built solo in Taos NM.

**Need to watch the videos** Earthbag House 1800 SF built solo in Taos NM. There are ten videos in all and combined it is more than an hour. Its hard to find people who have so thoroughly documented their build.

Want to build your own completely customized, artistic, totally non-toxic house with a material that's literally dirt cheap? Roll up your sleeves and dive

All About Cob: A Sculptural, Natural Building Material - Page 2 of 3

Costruire una Roundhouse celtica.

Building a Celtic Roundhouse-The Celts built their roundhouses from the natural materials available on the land. The roundhouses at Felin Uchaf are built in the same way using only the natural materials available on or near the land.