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Lately the only place I have wanted to be is the beach. It's my favourite place in the whole world. Can't wait until winter is fianly over so that I can surf again! I haven't had the privilege to go to the beach in a while.my soul longs for the beach.

The voice of the sea.......

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My happy place

My "happy place." I always feel close to God at the beach. When I look at the vastness of the ocean, I feel small, but not insignificant! Perfect Beach Sign for the Beach House, Coastal Cottage or a Nautical Home!

oh yes please and no more snow!

Beach Please! Took the words out of my mouth, one of the best things about a holiday is going to the beach; swimming in the sea, getting a tan, playing vollyball.

Beach sign: Just think of a beach and smile.

7 Must Have Surf Supplies

Titusville Florida USA

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I did!! To be completed 11/2015!! :-0

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Stop and smell the ocean sign in Ventura, California. about live near the ocean?