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Rooster & Mother Hen talking It over ! Whats You take on this PaPa Rooster? Cock a Doodle Do! This Snow is for the *Birds, that can Fly South for the Winter!


Chicken Pictures & Photography from My Pet Chicken - A Bantam Splash Cochin Pullet

My suggestion for a chicken breed (what I would get if I had time to care for one more living creature on top of my spouse, daughter, three cats, two fish, a garden and a myriad of houseplants). Orpington rooster -  friendly - not flighty and good in cold weather.

I saw this photo of an Orpington Crele Legbar on a well-known auction site recently and just fell in love with it! The details stated that the seller was making 6 eggs from this award winning bird available for auction as a limited offer and may.

Hen and Biddies...country living at Grandma's house...those were the…

Heritage Breeds Can Be the Best Egg Laying Chickens - Livestock - GRIT Magazine

Check out this article from GRIT Magazine about heritage breeds! ----Heritage Breeds Can Be the Best Egg Laying Chickens. Rare domesticated animals need engaged stewards to survive. Raise heritage chickens and you’ll find some of the best egg laying chic

Silkie chickens : why they're the teddy bear of the poultry ...

Silkie chickens : why they're the teddy bear of the poultry world.

Silkies are one of the most recommended birds for kids. They are less "flighty" than other birds, and can develop a close relationship with their owners if cared for and handled properly. They are often called the "puppy dogs" of the chicken

silkie chickens so cute and soft.  Saw and petted one at Stockyard days.  I want some.

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Silkie chickens are supposed to be great for first time backyard homesteaders. They are docile, not as noisy as regular chickens are good egg producers. LOOK LIKE LLAMA CHICKENS!

By gzucker  Gale / She Shoots Sheep Shots Zucker+ Add Contact  This photo was taken on June 29, 2010 using a Nikon D200.

i'm drawing a line and i'm drawing it right here: no knit chicken hats. for the sake of the chickens as much as anything else. (How did they get the hat on that chicken?

Sebright Bantams

Sebright Bantams

Silver Laced Polish Rooster, probably the most beautiful chicken i’ve ever seen.

Silver Laced Polish Rooster, probably the most beautiful chicken i've ever seen. I guess I would take a rooster

Silver laced polish chicken

Polish Silver-Laced Chicken for a full blooded Polish girl! Who knew there were Polish chickens. And soooo beautiful!

Natural Chicken Keeping: Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Natural Chicken Care and Chicken Keeping, Care for chickens in a natural, organic and holistic way. Methods based on chicken behavior and biology.