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My german shepard does this allm the time

Before you see what happened upstairs.I really love you.aww my Rhapsody Bleu

Frankie wasn't the brightest kid in his class

This dog picture captions are just too cute! Frankie wasn't.the brightest kid.in his class

Lol this makes me think of my two dogs*** We need marketers for our product*** We are in the business of aiding and assisting the elderly, disabled and  pets too!  https://refer.com/BarryEvans

13 Giant Dogs with Teeny Tiny Friends

Big dog: Do I have a cavity? Tiny dog: I cant tell I need to get a closer look. Tiny dog: TOO CLOSE!

Bank humor

Funny pictures about Branch manager. Oh, and cool pics about Branch manager. Also, Branch manager.

30 Funny animal captions - part 4 (30 pics)

12 Pictures of VERY Jealous Dogs :)

Funny pictures about Judgmental Husky. Oh, and cool pics about Judgmental Husky. Also, Judgmental Husky photos.

My baby even LOOKS like a wolf! ❤️ #Alsatiandogs

My baby even LOOKS like a wolf! ❤️ #Alsatiandogs

Yes. My dog does this. All the time. He's bad, and then looks at me with his doggy smile and wags his tail.


Something happened in the kitchen and. I love you so much. (Those puppy dog eyes get me every time!


What do you mean I can't go to work with you? Dog with a tie.- if my dog did this, I would so take him to work, regardless of the rules lol

It's all about #GermanShepherds      #dogmemes #funnydogs  http://www.nojigoji.com.au/ #dogsfunnyquotes

It's all about #GermanShepherds #dogmemes #funnydogs http://www.nojigoji.com.au/ #dogsfunnyquotes

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blue heeler-- these dogs watch your every move and like to mimic what you do! I saw you petting that neighbor dog .

What’s Wrong, Human? Why We Stop? Literally just lol'd

Sure, Blame The Dog // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - the dog is just looking at his friend like "hey human. Human, r u alright? I think I broke my human.

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“Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare.

Is the cat okay with this? lol| Check out more pet videos → http://gwyl.io/

19 Reasons Why Dog Cuddles Are the Best Cuddles