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Harley Quinn - Batman T-shirt by ExyonFardel

Harley Quinn - Batman T-shirt by ExyonFardel ★ Dr. Harleen Quinzel ☿ Daddy's Little Monster ☿ DollFace ☿ Puddin' ★

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justharleyquinn: Heroes and Villains Silhouettes... • Sleekjoker

Mad - Harley Quinn by Steve Garcia There has to be a comic book (if there isn't already) where Harley Quinn is the boss and Joker is the helper

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they are so adorable if you ignore the fact that the joker is an abusive psychopath and harley is a one loopy fruit loop and together they create utter chaos.

HQ God opens more doors than a little bit

Brandon and I wanna get matching tattoos that symbolize our relationship (kinda) and have something to remind us. It has a Final Fantasy feel, with a Batman twist A perfect mixture

I'll just leave this here.

I love the cartoon Harley. Cant wait to see Suicide Squad and how they do the beginning story of Harley and the Joker . when Harley was his Psychiatrist.

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day

Harley Quinn Valentine's Day

The Joker Tattoo Guide From Suicide Squad

The Joker Tattoo Guide From Suicide Squad