Space Girl

So, apparently this is from the Italian movie poster for Il prato macchiato di rosso [The Bloodstained Lawn], but if we’re talking deep-sea mermaid, I think an angler-fish mermaid takes the cake.

Bio-luminescent deep-water mer.

Kinara by Shreya Shetty <---this is how I see mermaids. I imagine they live much deeper and thus have no use for hair, etc.

Greek Siren

Tamora reminds me of a Siren, a creature of myth if only for her beauty and the cruelty, wickedness and cunning that lie beneath.

they came with a blue planet

what kind of creature is this? prompt idea: MC visits a mysterious "art" gallery opening at night and discovers the art is actually mythical creatures on display

Gorgeous Art by Wen Juinn

We have a glorious selection of fantasy and sci-fi themed illustrations from artist Wen Juinn Png. Wen Juinn works as a professional illustrator.