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: Bhutan, Lynsey Addario

A woman walks through a forest to her relative's house in Rethung Gonpa village outside of Trashigang, in east Bhutan, August

Lynsey Addario

Anton Hammerl was shot and killed covering the Libyan conflict last year. A stellar collection of contemporary photojournalism prints will be auctioned to raise money for his three young children.

300 Buddhist monks debate at the Bumthang Valley in central Bhutan.

The Pageantry And Chaos Of Bhutanese Monk Debates

~~Life in the Trees ~ Redwood Forest, California by Marc Adumus~~

Life in the Trees (Redwood Forest, California) by Marc Adamus

: Korengal Valley, Lynsey Addario

troops carry the body of Staff Sgt. Larry Rougle, who was killed when the insurgents ambushed their squad in the Korengal Valley. Soldiers with the battle company, on a battalion mission in the korengal valley in the village of Yakachina.

Make Better Photos Linger in Time-Lapse Trip Recaps Using Lightroom Starring

Make Better Photos Linger in Time-Lapse Trip Recaps Using Lightroom Starring

California by Marcus Round. In November 2012 I spent two weeks in California and took five and a half thousand photos.

Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario

A Sudanese Liberation Army soldier walks through the remains of Hangala village, which was burned by Janjaweed near Farawiya, in Darfour, several months ago, August (Photo by Lynsey Addario/The New York Times)

Are we living up to God's expectations?  +  ¿Estamos viviendo a la altura de las expectativas de Dios?  https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=is+56%3A1%2C+6-8

Photograph by William Albert Allard Late for church in New Zealand's Cook Islands, a young girl peers anxiously inside.

Untouchable place...

Made in Bhutan - Documentary

Made in Bhutan; a short documentary portraying the recent emergence of entrepreneurship in the small Himalayan kingdom.