Ani Reimi-Orsa is concept artist and illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland. Inspired by nature and animals, Fantasy, Ani created beautiful landscape concept artwork which looks like watercolor painting.

Montmartre, Alexandra Gheorghiu on ArtStation at

Montmartre by Alexandra Gheorghiu on ArtStation.

d470dae9c9c4e8e3d3efc3d8f81bac0a.jpg (3500×1536)

d470dae9c9c4e8e3d3efc3d8f81bac0a.jpg (3500×1536)

Street by on @deviantART

Have a look at the art of Titus Lunter, Concept artist at Ubisoft Massive who's recently worked on "Tom Clancy's The Divison"

Les splendides concept art de Titus Lunter

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This piece shows off a large courtyard in the centre. My idea will involve one of these and I like large structures in the distance. It really makes the environment large.